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(Aren't they just the most beautiful couple? )

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to finally write about a great weekend I just had in Moncton, NB. I spent about 35 hours in a car (round trip) with my boyfriend to spend a weekend in celebration of my parent’s 25 years of wedded bliss! It was so much fun, and such a terrific thing to celebrate. It is such a special gift to have parents who are so in love 25 years after they tied the knot. We threw a surprise party for them… which they SO figured out, but I think we surprised them with who was there. Our friends and family all came out to celebrate. Watching everyone together just made me feel so blessed. Our friends and family are wonderful and I wish I could have had more time to spend with all of them. People came from 3 different provinces to celebrate with us!

The following is a version of the toast/story my sisters and I shared at the party, it might only be funny to the people who were there, or who know mom and dad…but I thought I would share anyway!:

Long long long long...ahem ago...Juliet and Erica met in a lovely.... bar...
They had some nice conversations and of course some drinks...or was that just Eric? And from that moment on they knew they were in love.
They went on many dates...some even Eric would cook for them and of course his many skills got tested by cleaning Julie’s pool and mowing the lawn, painting the fence...etc...etc...
Julie was eager to get a beautiful ring on her finger so she wasted no time bringing up the subject of marriage to Eric...alll the time.../ Once Eric finally got sick of her bugging him he decided that he would finally just ask her.
So one beautiful day while watching the sunset Eric popped the lovely question..."will you pull my finger...I mean will you marry me?" and of course he already knew the answer...yes! she cried
So the big day arrived and the whole family and I mean whole family...everyone and their second cousins showed up to witness Juliet and Eric exchange their vows.

They partied, celebrated, and then went on their honeymoon to the beautiful and wonderful..... Quebec??...
Then they bought a house or maybe it was an apartment...and THEN a house.
They had a beautiful daughter Melanie and then with Eric's ever changing job they moved to Newfoundland where they had their favorite daughter ...I mean second daughter Jessica...and then moving again they had their last daughter...the “special” one.... Erica.
They moved many more times ...maybe because they thought that it would make their daughters lives interesting or something like that...we aren't exactly sure the reasoning...
Now 25 years later...they are still just as happy and in love with themselves...I mean each other as they were on that special day, August 4th.

We are so blessed to have parents who love and respect each other the way ours do. As we go on and both look and find the loves of our lives, I pray that we are so fortunate as to find a love like theirs.

Stay Tuned! Next Post is the 6 things I love the most =)

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