Things I love!

Last week I was very touched and honored that Lyryn @ Breaking Through thought to tag me to name 6 things I love. Some of mine are similar, but I think that's just because I agree that Lyryn is directing her love in all the right directions! =)

1. Getting to know God

My First Communion in Grade 2!

2. My Family

3. My Friends

I have been blessed with SO many wonderful friends. These are just a few!

4. Smiling

I just can't get enough of it!

5. Jetty

My wonderful boyfriend! I have to single him out because he's more than a friend, and not quite family. =)

6. Writing

Not just the writing, but the thinking that goes into it. This is me getting ready to be studious my first year of university!

I know I am supposed to tag people to do this same post, but I just started blogging and don't know too many other bloggers out there. I started this as a way to keep all my family and friends in the loop about where I am in my life, so I hope they will maybe share things they love! As I get to know other bloggers more I will plan to tag them to do a similar post!

Thank you to everyone who reads this- I love you all too! =)

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