Engagement Part 2

Toward the end of our dinner conversation I made a comment about how nice and romantic it was out, oh, and I also said something about knowing that he was NOT proposing that night because (in my words exactly), “I would sooo know when you are going to do it. You will be all nervous and stuff.”

After we finished dinner we decided to walk on the beach. It was pretty dark out at this point but we decided to walk on the sand and head toward the lighthouse.

“Awww.” I exclaimed in a very cheesy fashion, “We had our first kiss at a lighthouse.”

As we walk down the dock (pier? jetty?) I realize what a beautiful night it is, and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend. When we come to the end where the lighthouse is, I decided it is a great idea to relive our first kiss. (Unfortunately Jetty wasn’t wearing a hat that would invariably poke me in the face just when he had gathered up enough courage to kiss me, Oh first Kisses…) We still tried to reenact it anyway.

All of a sudden I jumped in with this great comment, “Pretend you are proposing, I want to see what it would be like hahaha.”

Jetty just half pretended to kneel and we both just laughed it off in an “Of course we aren’t getting engaged today,” kind of way.

As we walked down the beach we are chatting and I asked if he would care if I looked in this cute little jewelry store near my work for a potential ring.

“Ya, I don’t want you to,” he says. Which is a big difference from the conversations I’m used to having where he is encouraging me to look.

I chuckle and say, “Why.”

“Because I already have one.”

He is on one knee just in time for me to say “You’re kidding.”

“No I’m not,” as he struggles with his pocket.”

Now I make the best move of the night, I try to knock him over.

In my head I’m thinking there is no way he is about to propose and I am thoroughly upset that he would just pretend to…

Then I see the box.

In my head I’m going “WOOOOOO” or “EEEEEEE” or some girly scream. On the outside it manifests itself into some prancy dance that looks like Fred Flinstone bowling. He is saying something about loving me forever, but I’m just waiting for four words.

“Will you marry me?”

“YES!” I yelp without even the slightest pause. (I had told him earlier in the night that when he went to propose someday, I’d wait a second to answer just to get his heart going. Silly me…)

He puts the ring on my finger and it’s so dark now that I can’t even see it, but it’s perfect anyway. A group of people a little ways down the beach respectfully cheer after they have waited an appropriate amount of time for us to kiss.

I was just grinning from ear to ear. Then I remembered that I kind of had to use the washroom when we arrived in Grande Bend. It’s not so “kind of” anymore.

As we make our way quickly off the beach, we snapped a couple giggly, excited pictures, I grab my phone to call my sissy’s, and I finally get a look at the most perfect ring in the world.

“Oooo now I get to call you my fiancĂ©!” I say.

I am such a lucky girl:

I make fun of him, I push him, and he still asks me the best question in the world.


  1. OMG!!! Congrats girly!!! What a great story!!! One to tell the kids! :) Oh, I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. This was such a funny, adorable story. Congradulations!


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