For the Love of Reading

I know, coming up, I will spend more and more time blogging about decorating our new condo, but this is still a personal blog and every once in a while I like to share what inspires me.

I love reading.

Beach, book by my side and wonderful husband = perfect combination.

This is no shock for those of you who know me well. When we were younger my sisters and I put on a "play" which was our version of sketch comedy and we imitated everyone in our family. Their imitation of me? Walking around with a book in my face tripping, getting back up and continuing to walk without putting the book down.

I read whole sections of the library. One year I told my parents the thing I wanted most for Christmas was books and my parents got me a huge box of them. I was like the kid who got his Red Ryder BB Gun!

Reading for personal pleasure kind of went on the back burner when I went away for school. There was so much to read for class that I barely had time to finish that, let alone read extra. That's why I loved my English classes where we could read, discuss what we read and earn credit for it! Bonus!

There is something so special and different about reading a story as opposed to having it play out on a screen. Imagination is such a powerful thing. I am just loving starting to read for 'fun' again. The best part of it now? Jetty loves reading too. Isn't that just perfect?

Imagine if he was all, "Come on let's DO something, I'm bored."
and I was all "Go away I think I totally figured out who the murderer is!"

It's not that we don't get out and do things all the time but, for down time, reading is my activity of choice and that's the same for Jetty.

I don't think I ever would have thought so much about finding a guy who loves reading (Mom... was that on my list?)  but now I see that it really could have had an impact on our relationship. I feel totally blessed (and I'm certain it's no coincidence) that we are compatible in this way because last night sitting side by side on the couch reading our books (Jetty- The Client and Melanie- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) was just one of those moments where nothing super special happens, but it's so perfect all the same.

And when we read to each other? Even better... (yes, we are big nerds).


  1. Thank you! Our friend Dan Harris took it as part of our engagement pics!


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