Couch Adventure

This weekend Jetty is at a Bachelor Party and I'm tackling some things around the apartment.

I already painted the wooden letter "J" I bought to match my "M' (it used to be "A" and "M" for the best roomie Alli and I!)

I also finished my book! (Yes, I did that first).

Now I'm tackling the couch!

The couch is a hand-me-down from Jetty's grandmother. It's super comfy, but the pattern and colour don't really match our style.


So Jetty and I went to Fabricland and found this great upholstery fabric.

It was on sale! Buy 1 meter get 3 free!

Bonus! We bought the whole roll and some matching thread. Grand total $50.50 taxes in!

So now where to start? The couch comes completely apart- like so:

So I started there. and decided I would tackle this piece by piece.

Step 1: Pull the back apart and staple the new material on. This is my first time using the staple gun, that's usually Jetty's job.

Just finished my breakfast of champions and I'm back to work. More updates to come!


  1. Every single one of your posts since I discovered this blog has made me smile :o)

  2. Aww thanks!! That makes ME smile! =)


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