Glass Bottles Repurposed

Living in an apartment in Ontario while we are just about to own a condo in New Brunswick (16 Days!) means that it is pretty much impossible for me to buy things to decorate without knowing where they will go. I have started picking out some staple things when I find them on sale, but we don't know what just about all our furniture will look like, let alone what it will look like in a new place. SO I have decided to tackle small projects

After seeing this post at Young House Love I decided to take their idea and adapt it. I have tasked the hubby with saving all our glass jars from things like pasta sauce, stir fry sauce, and lemonade. I pick the ones that I think have an interesting and nice shape and we soaked them in scalding water overnight and carefully removed the labels in the morning (Being careful to make sure they were completely clean before taking them from the water so there were no sticky parts!)

Now I have a bunch of pretty jars to store things in and it is essentially free! While I really liked the uniform jars that Sherry and John display on their blog, I kind of like the idea of different levels and shapes for ours. I think I  still need a few more sizes to make the collection complete, and I plan to spray paint the lids or cover them with fabric.

I'm planning to put all the momentos from our honeymoon into the Mason Jar (Pasta Sauce). As for the rest, I'm still working on things to put in them, we were recently at a restaurant that had a bunch of bottles in the windows filled with different colour water- it almost gave a stained glass effect. Might try that with some too! I'll keep you posted as I fill them!

Any ideas what we could put in the rest of them?


  1. Cool idea Melanie! I like the fabric-covered lid idea and the make-your-own stain glass window!

  2. Thanks! I'll let you know how it turns out! =)


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