Weekend in Kincardine

This past weekend I went to visit my friend Marja and her husband Dan in Kincardine, ON.
Marja is the first person to say Jetty and I would get married (back in grade 12!).
We have done many things together in our lives, but most recently we were married 5 months apart. Marja is a scrapbook pro and we decided we would scrapbook our weddings together.

I thought this would be pretty simple... ya... Marja is really talented... she had to teach me simple things like sorting my pictures first, and thinking about what would be on the page that is opposite of the one I want to work on. Needless to say I got two lovely pages done and lots of tips on how to finish the rest.. check it out!

We also snuck some time in to eat dinner by the lake and snap some pictures of the sunset and last but not least take in the Kincardine PARADE!

Please notice "Blinky" the lighthouse in the background! We worked hard to get him in the pic!

Please ignore my freakishly long feet!

(I would wake up in the morning and look at the water and imagine it was the ocean... the Deeths have a great view!)

I just had a fine and Dan Deeth time!


  1. I love it!
    You were the most wonderful house guests ever - I can't wait to come be your house guests in NB :o)

  2. Yes! It will be grand!


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