How I'm managing the Couch and Excitement!

So it goes without saying that I have NO experience in couch upholstery. I just figured the worst that could happen would be some money wasted. I know you are supposed to take the old fabric off and replace it, and you know, actually "re-upholster" it!

But not me!

I have decided to just focus on one piece at a time and start to try to cover up the old fabric. One way I cheated was to just staple new fabric on the "kickpad" part of the couch (kickpad= my way of saying the front bottom part of the couch as seen in the photo below).

The middle kickpad is a drawer! How convenient!
For those top pieces I approached each one differently. For the very top piece, I made a pocket type thing to stuff the headrest into. and then made small folds and hand sewed it so it was tucked in. (I know it looks like two different colours- bad lighting!)


And for the back rest cushion, I used some material left over from this project and cut a piece big enough for the back of the cushion and pinned my new material to it and then followed that as a pattern. For the piece I have completed I actually did all the pinning on the other side of the couch so I wouldn't have to turn it back inside out.

Also, lawyers office just called. Condo= officially ours! All the paperwork is done!
We celebrated last night when the paperwork was sent from our end.
I was a little excited.

Yes Alli, that is a strawberry daiquiri with Bailey's.
I'm determined to bring a nice new-looking off white couch into our new condo (not just any one...the one I'm working on of course!- stop will happen!).

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