August Long Weekend in the Sun

This past weekend was spent all over the place. Jetty and I had a great time visiting people and enjoying the sun. We swam in a lake...

and took in a gorgeous sunset...

We also hung out with friends and said some goodbyes to some Ontario Family. I'm definitely going to miss everyone!

We also took a little trip out on a boat to Buckhorn. That's Jetty's mom as the Beaver, I'm the RCMP Officer and Jetty is the Moose!

While in Buckhorn we visited a few antique shops including Teddy's Fine Antiques where I found this really cute vase for $8! I have visions for it in our kitchen, I can't wait to share when I find its perfect place!

I also can't wait to share all our uses of our great wedding gifts. I think I might try to do a post a week on where we are using our gifts as soon as we get into the condo. It won't be in any particular order, I will just pick something each week and show you how we use it. I won't name names, but you will know when your gift pops up! Also we will be using a lot of that much needed wedding money on furnishings and accessories for the condo. Just so you know your gift is being put to good use we will share some of our purchases!

Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Just stopping by to say thanks for following AisletoAloha!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I really enjoyed reading your blog =)

  3. Oh, Mel... I LOVE Buckhorn! My family spent Thanksgiving weekend at a resort there for more than 20 years. I'm so envious!!

  4. Very cool! We weren't there long, but I loved it! =)


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