Wedding Shoes

So I said I would post on my wedding details throughout the summer and I have a good chunk left to do. Today I though I would share one of my most challenging finds. SHOES!

I haven't always considered myself a "shoe person" but it just kind of happened over time. I love shoes. They are just such a fun way to spics up and outfit. For our wedding I would have it no other way. My hunt for the perfect shoes led me across 3 provinces.

My requirements, I thought, were simple enough:

1. They had to have some form of ruffle/bow/flower/jewel (you know...something to add that girly-ishness to them!)
2. They had to be $50 or less.
3. They had to be in some shade of off-white or light gold.
4. They had to be comfy enough to wear (and run around in) all day.

I looked in Moncton, New Brunswick, all over Ontario...and finally found them in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

I almost settled for one of these two pairs:

Off-white shoe from The Shoe Company

Gold shoes from Aldo

I'm so glad that I didn't though. Because while in a very small Spring store in Manitoba I saw My Shoes (I declared them mine on the spot) ON SALE (for $39.99) and there were only 2 pairs left, and one of them was MY SIZE! That never happens, I have pretty big feet... (9.5)!

Aren't they great?

For the guys and gals, they all had shiny black shoes. I had the girls in flashy gold originally, but ended up choosing a more subtle champagne-gold for my accent colour so I picked patent leather black to go with the guys' shoes.

What do you think? Was it worth the wait? What have you done for the perfect pair of shoes?

My wedding shoe photos courtesy of Matt and Chera York- please visit their website here, and their post about us here and here!

*Want to learn more about our wedding? Check out the "Our Wedding" tab for links to other projects!

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