Sunbeams in Beamsville and a quick visit to Goderich

This past weekend we spent some time with Jetty's good friend from school and his fiance. It was a great weekend filled with euchre, food, wine and laughs.

We also spent some time in the pool, but it wasn't too hot out so I pretty much just stood in it!

Notice my "man-hand"prints in the cement!

We played guys vs. girls in euchre and lost terribly for most of the weekend- it was frustrating- especially since us gals were incredibly competitive! I'm not sure why I hate losing so much. I'm just programmed with this inner desire to win! I am trying to work on not letting it get to me... I was doing okay for most of the weekend... I think... right hubby? (He knows that's a big exaggeration but I'm hoping I can convince him to say yes anyway)

Sunday we spent with one of my besties from high school and her hubby.

We were planning on having an epic picnic, but the looming clouds and scattered showers throughout the day put a damper on that (pun intended!).

Instead we ate at Paddy O'Neil's (In the Bedford Hotel pictured below):

Where we saw this gorgeous cloud I just had to get a picture of (yes the rain cleared up right before dinner).

Then we had some freshly made gelato at Sweets and Memories. It was delicious!

Goderich is such a cute town. As they say on their website "Welcome to the Prettiest Town in Canada." I most definitely am a small town girl- we have so many small town gems in our great country! I can't wait to take Jetty to some of my East Coast favourites.

Other scenes I loved in Goderich were:

The gazebo at the Courthouse...

Their quiet streets...

We also took in just a beautiful sunset yet again this weekend.

Life is good!



  1. Aunt RosemarySeptember 23, 2010

    Hi Mel,
    I really love your pictures. Your condo is lovely too.
    Aunt Rosemary

  2. Thanks Aunt Rosemary! =)
    I'm glad you are enjoying them. xo


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