More on the Couch

Ok so now that I did one side, and know that my process worked, I thought I would share how it was done as I do the second side.

This is the outside top corner edge of the couch.

The very bottom of the back has Velcro to tuck under the bottom.

Instead of buying new Velcro since we are covering this couch anyway,  I decided to cut it right off...

...and sew it onto the new piece I already measured and cut.

The edges had a metal pole with spikes on it to hold the fabric down. I poked it through new fabric...

...all the way down the side.

It wasn't the best spikes so some of them bent and I had to straighten them out.

This allowed me to hammer them in properly.

So it was nice all the way down to where the fabric falls to the floor with the Velcro on the bottom. I was sure to sew along the edge so it matched where the spiked metal piece ends. I measure and sewed this before I attached it to the couch.

Another piece done...more to come! (I know... this is the never ending project!)


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