Small Progress

So I was hoping to have more done on the couch by now, but I figured I might as well update on the progress!

So I have recovered 4 more panels. You can only see two in the picture above, want to know where the other 2 are? They were very small...

Under each kickpad! This was basically a remove and staple new fabric on project.

My next goal is to finish the 4 top pieces that are left, and the two back panels, and leave the arms and seats for last.

As you can see the couch looks like 3 pieces from the back since it has 3 panels that run to the bottom and they actually Velcro there. I stole the Velcro off the original material and sewed it on to my new fabric that way it was not wasted and I had the right measurements.

The back of piece #1 all done!

More updates to come!



  1. Good Heavens (I know, I sound like your Mom!)That looks like a ton of work. What a difference lighter fabric makes though. Good luck, you're doing a wonderful job.

  2. Thank you! It is a tonne of work... last night, I got one more panel done...slow and steady it is!


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