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I said I would share some wedding details with you. This is the second post with some added wedding details.

Picking out jewellery for the wedding was one of my favourite projects. I wanted to incorporate some older vintage pieces with some newer ones. I thought they would really tie in with my vintage looking but new engagement and wedding rings!

Aside from those two rings, I already knew I wanted to wear the broach that my grandmother (mom's mom) gave to me. My Sitty (as we lovingly call her) passed away several years ago, but the Christmas before that she gave each of her granddaughters something very special to her and mine was the brooch that I ended up wearing in my hair at the wedding. It was missing a few diamonds and looked worn when I first got it, but mom had it cleaned up and the diamonds replaced and then it looked like this...

It was just perfect because it meant so much to me and at the same time was so beautiful.

I immediately knew that I also wanted to incorporate something from my dad's mom as well. A while back I had been given her faux pearl necklace and I decided that I would string the pearls on a bracelet to wear for the wedding. That way I had a piece of both my Sitty and Memere with me for my special day.

The only other piece of jewellery I wore (aside from my rings!) was my earrings. They were the last piece I added to my outfit (the day before the wedding no less!). I just couldn't find the right pair that really worked with the dress. Then a few days before, after a very special gift from my grandfather, I went out and picked up the perfect pair at "What on Earth" (one of my favourite jewellery places). They incorporated the pearl and diamond look perfectly!

For Jetty, I really wanted him to be able to wear something from his grandfathers as well. I tried to "sneakily" ask about his grandfathers' old cuff links and if there were any lurking around. At first his mom said she didn't have any, but then a mini miracle too place. She went back to the place she had donated all of his stuff to and found two sets of his old cuff links for sale! She bought them back and gave them to me. Unfortunately neither really worked with what he was wearing, so he has them anyway, but instead he wore the engraved ones that I got made for him. They were a surprise the morning of our wedding!

For the ladies I picked out identical earrings from each of them and then a different bracelet and ring for each of them specifically. Here's a sample:

Picking out these details was so fun! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them.
Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery (wedding or otherwise)?

All photos courtesy of Matt and Chera York- please visit their website here, and their post about us here and here!

*Want to learn more about our wedding? Check out the "Our Wedding" tab for links to other projects!


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