First Time Fogging and Blogging!

Today I have a real treat for you, a guest post by my little sister Erica. I'll let her tell you more about it!

Hello blogging world! I am Melanie’s youngest sister Erica. Melanie and I share the same love for decorating and when I saw the post where she mentioned the idea of fogging that she had found in another blog I just had to try it. So, Mel invited me to write how the process went so she could learn from it and share it here, so here goes!

First off I knew that I wanted to do something for all my hair elastics and bobby pins because I am the worst at keeping them all in one place, they always seem to find another home that I am unable to find. I was talking to Melanie on the phone and she said that I could use two of her vases that she used in the centerpieces for her wedding.

So the next step was to get the letters onto the vase in a way that wouldn’t let the fog seep through and look cute enough to want to put on display, since I am no artist and wouldn’t be able to create the letters myself I took the easier approach and bought letters from Michaels, they are fabric stickers so they are strong enough to hold onto the vase and the fog wouldn’t be able to seep through. This cost around 8 dollars and you can buy it in many different styles.

The fog spray (Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass) was purchased at Home Depot at a cost of 7.50. I was sure to make sure that I bought a spray that specifically said for decorative use somewhere on it and I looked to see if it said anything about how resistant it was to scratches, after looking I found this which had both.

Next step was to place the letters on the vases and ensure they were on them securely, Melanie helped me out with catchy names for them and we came up with "pins" and "ties".

Since my parents weren't too fond of the idea of me fogging anywhere in the house they told me I had to do this outside but just my luck it was raining. I was so excited to begin my fogging experience that I decided to come up with this excellent set up in my garage. (*This is so very typical of my little sissy, when she is determined she makes it happen- I love her for it!) I used an old metal shelf to put the vase as close to eye level as possible, (I say this because I am 5'11 and eye level with a shelf can be pretty difficult). I used a garbage bag to make sure the walls didn’t get ruined and used a swivel serving tray to place the vase on so that I could spin it around in a circle to make sure I fogged everything!

Then I got a little carried away with the fog, I think my excitement got to me, I began fogging and fogging, layer after layer, and this happened…

So my advice to all you foggers out there, a little goes a long way, I used way too much spray and it became clumpy and it dripped down the sides, and well just wasn’t very pretty and elegant like I thought it would be. The second attempt was much better. I just sprayed a light first layer evenly across and then let it dry for about 7 minutes then went and did another coat. It only took about 2 coats and this is the pretty result I ended up with.

Isn't this just amazing? I am so proud of my little sister! I'm also proud of the fact that she didn't just send me the happy final result, but she shared her mistake as well. Now I won't make the same mistake and maybe you won't either. Thank you so much for being so willing to share your experience Erica! I love the final result... might need some of my own pins and ties bowls!


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