Yea for Friday!

I just wanted to share a few things that made me smile in the last few days.

I was on the bus early in the morning headed to Hamilton this week and looked out my window and sitting in many of the fields were billows of fog. It looked so neat!

Doesn't it look like cotton or a giant spiderwed?

I was also doing some quick shopping with a friend of mine and came accross these:

On sale for $7.99! I couldn't pass it up!
Won't the oil and vinegar jars look so great in my new kitchen? I can't wait to share them in their perfect little nook. I was planning on making my own versions of the oil and vinegar jars, but after seeing this great deal I couldn't pass it up!

Oh, and something that makes me smile every day. This little note on my bulletin board that was attached to flowers from the hubby (during pre-hubby time).

I also want to give you a quick preview of what my weekend is looking like:

We are having our first annual girls weekend with my besties and I just can't wait! More updates to come on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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