Weekend with the Fab 4

This past weekend I got to spend with 3 of my best friends. I have known these girls since back in grade 7 and I just love them. I love that we are all committed to making sure that we are friends forever. This year we started an annual girls' weekend. While it may evolve over time it will always be our weekend to spend time with each other and ensure we get the four of us in the same place at least once per year. Some things about the weekend I'm sure will never change...for example the amount of food* we eat or the large number of times we make fun of each other (all in good fun of course).

The four of us couldn’t really be more different- arts, environment, health, communications- we have a wide variety of interests, but no matter what I know I can count on these girls and I just love that. I know sometimes we argue, or do something ridiculous, but we always get past those moments and in general forget about them. We forgive each other and love each other anyway- just like a good healthy romantical** relationship.

I’ve already had to say goodbye and move away once, and now that I was able to move back and see that we are still as close as ever, I know our friendship will last through the distance. Every time we get together we laugh hysterically and have great conversations about boys and life.

Friends like this are hard to find and I am truly blessed to have these girls around for life.

*Some pictures of the food we consumed this year:

Contact me if you need a great cake decorator...obviously I have mad skills.
(Yes that's a lime on the top right of the cake)

I went a little Dollar Store crazy...

** Term "romantical" copy write MarjaLiese (Pronounced "Lease").


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