Good Genes

There is some serious longevity in my family that I really hope I have inherited. This past weekend I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to celebrate my Grampy's 90th birthday with him. It was so fun to spend some time and celebrate his life thus far. My Grampy still calls my sisters and I his "three little girls" and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Aside from a 90th birthday party being incredibly special, there was something even more special about this one. All of my Grampy's 12 brothers and sisters were there! (Yes he comes from a family of 13 siblings!) It made the party that much more fun. This group of siblings are funny, loving energetic AND they hold a world record. Yes, we have world record holders in my family. These 13 brothers and sisters made it into the Guiness Book of World Records by being "The largest family with all surviving siblings being of pensionable age." How cool is that?

My Grampy is the one in the middle front row with the blue sweater and his arms crossed!

Grampy shared some of his thoughts on his 90th Birthday and they summed up to his JoY of the friends and family he has in his life and a thankfulness about how blessed he is. It was a perfect speech he delivered that reminded us all how important our loved ones are.

It was a perfect birthday party. Happy Birthday Grampy!

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