Getting Organized in the New Place

So Jetty and I have a new best friend... Meet Mr. Cool:

It has been so hot in the condo that we can barely unpack. We are actually welcoming the cooler weather that is on the way.
Finally after 3 nights of unpacking we have things pretty well organized in 2 rooms. The kitchen and the living room. They still need lots of tweaks, but they are unpacked and relatively clean.

Counters finally cleaned off.

Red basket which was part of a housewarming gift from Mom and Dad LeBlanc.

Some things that will make their home somewhere on the counter.
I managed to scrounge up enough to set the table for dinner tonight!
And the living room is looking incredibly empty and unfinished. The couch is project #1! I will post a picture when it's done.

Some other projects I'm planning on tackling are painting the following:

End Tables, two of them and I'm also going to swap out the hardware.

Spray paint the lamps and recover the shades.
I think this lamp will look incredible when it's all spray painted-up!
I can't wait to get the rest of the rooms organized so I can tackle these projects.

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