Productive Saturday

Today was a super productive day. Jetty and I stopped by the Dollar Store on our way back from a bbq and I tackled the bathroom! I know...super fun right?

First our Dollar Store finds, proving that you don't need to spend a lot to get those little needed items for the house.

Finally some envelopes so we can stop using the wedding ones for EVERYTHING!
Plastic bags on the cheap.
Sponges for our cleaning escapades.

so we can use them instead of using the ones on the right for everything...
they are from our knife block and they keep getting left all over.
Squeegee to keep our shower clean.
Toilet brush (who wants to spend more than a dollar on something to clean the toilet?)
Lastly we got these three baskets which match our other two used in our bathroom perfectly. (You'll see below!)

So I organized the closet in the bathroom with some baskets I had (the two big ones) and 3 I got at the dollar store that matched perfectly. I tucked all our essentials in there and divided things into a morning and evening basket so we can pull it out easily when we need it, but now it doesn't clutter our counter.

Nice open counter space. It needs a few tweaks, but so far it's working for us!

This weekend is going to be a posting extravaganza so stay tuned for more updates!


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