Cleaning Shaklee Style

As I said, today was very productive. I went on a crazy cleaning spree! Shaklee cleaners are amazing! Organic Cleaners make me feel healthier just looking at them!

Cleaning goodies I got as a wedding gift! The Shaklee Get Clean kit!

These three spray bottles have different concentrations of the same cleaner for different uses.

I prepped them all and added their spray bottle lids.

Here's the kit all ready to go!

I even added a sponge from the dollar store excursion!

First I tackled the shower. Here it is before (above). "Why Melanie, that's a pretty marble looking pattern on it," you might say. But no, no it's not... it's just a little bit dirty. I tackled this one with the "Scour Off" from the Shaklee cleaners.

This stuff is will clean anything.

Half Done!

Sparkly clean!

Window cleaner for the shower doors.

Squeegee clean!

New dish soap and hand soap at the kitchen sink!

So fresh and clean and I even love all the containers. More cleaning to tackle tomorrow... I'm even kind of excited about it!


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