Resplendent Recipe Box

Today I'm having more fun organizing. First project to tackle? Our handmade recipe box. It came filled with some of the family's favourite recipes which is awesome. What I'm doing today is adding from the little stack of recipes that I have jotted down on different cards or ripped out of magazines. I think it's great to have a place to organize all our recipes, and into such well thought out tabs so they are all so easy to find!

Isn't it beautiful?

So many great tabs to fill with our favourite recipes!

Off to work with the stack I have here. (Yes a Cool Whip recipe from the tub of cool whip... I'm a big fan of no-cook quick desserts for pot-lucks- everyone loves them and they are simple to make!)

How do you store your recipes? Fold down the corners in your recipe book? Jot them in a notebook? Do you have a similar recipe box to ours?


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