Getting Settled

So I have finally made it to Fredericton to stay and it has been such a busy time of job hunting, cleaning, unpacking and organizing. So far I'm not done any of them... but Jetty and I are still trying to settle into something of a routine that works for us.

We are making sure we buy healthy foods, I started back at the gym today (Jetty didn't really slack off on that like me) and we are trying to figure out what we want this condo to look like! Here's a peek into some of the things we've been up to.

Since we are making sure we eat healthy, we haven't been buying juice, which I really love in the morning. So I decided to make an alternative that would satisfy my craving for something delicious and also keep me healthy.

I sliced a lemon and lime...

and put them in my juice jug from my favourite ladies (they bought 3 them for my bachelorette party!)


I also made a beef stew today... we are just about to try it so I hope it turned out. It was our first go at the slow cooker!

This afternoon I also went to pick up some paint chips from Kent. We are planning on painting the spare room, the bathroom and our room!

Here's the palette we are thinking for the spare:

For the Bathroom:

And our room we want to paint the walls grey, so here are the two swatches of grey we are thinking:

What do you think?


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