Revamped Lamp

So this one is a work in progress because I learned some lessons while working on this project.

Remember these lamps?

Well I thought they needed a face lift. The weird speckles and woven top and bottom were not our style. It started off nice enough...

I traced along the outlines of the lamp with chalk...

...and rolled it on the black fabric to create my template.

Lastly I glued the fabric on all around the lamp.

The problem came when I tried to accent it with ribbon. Straight ribbon doesn't work on a tapered lamp. I'm sure you knew that... I just thought I could make it work. So now I have a few ideas to fix the problem including sewing a border to cover the ribbon up or creating a frilly ribbon covering to help mask the mistakes.

For now, this is what we have. I just love the base of these lamps so I'm making this work somehow!

Any thoughts on how to spruce this up a bit?

Maybe some beading like this:

Photo from lampshadescentral

Let me know your thoughts!


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