Cozy Curtains to the Rescue

We are starting to try to warm up our space and what better way to start than some cozy curtains?

We have a big window in the living room that shares a wall with our patio door. (Here it is when hubby started the installation of the curtains!)

Now look at it after!

(For some reason the far right looks like a different colour in all the pictures, but I keep comparing them in person and they look the same to me!)

It is now a full wall of curtains! I know it all looks very beige/cream, but we are planning on some brighter chairs and pillows in front of this space. What do you think? We also hung them so they are just above the heater so that they don't touch it when it is toasty in the winter, but the two panels on the far right are floor length because it looked weird with about 8 inches of the door hanging out the bottom.

We also bought some curtains for our bedroom! They are a dark grey that matches our comforter and they block out the light so perfectly. It is great for those mid-day naps that students love to take. Now that we have a student in the house it is just perfect.

Putting up the curtains with Jetty was great fun and probably would have been very entertaining if you were a fly on the wall.

Melanie:  "Jetty move it more towards the inside... NO the INSIDE!"
Jetty:  "Which side is the inside??"

Melanie:   "Jetty, is there enough room for the end thingy to fit so it doesn't touch the wall?"
Jetty:   "Yes."
(2 mins later we have to move it over an inch so that it will fit.)

We are a good team though. Lots of laughs!

I also need to say that I have NOT finished the couch yet. We are moving the sewing machine into the living room today until I get it done... so hopefully that will inspire me to just GET IT DONE!

I also received some great requests for posts this week that I will be tackling starting with today and the couch update.


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