How to Make a Beaded Pillow

So as promised, I added another pillow to my collection this week! I LOVE it! Here it is and a little tutorial on how I put it together!

I started with a rectangular piece of fabric. I folded it in half and determined where I wanted the flower. When I had picked the top corner I sewed the centre button on.
Here it is with the whole thing laying out flat:

To make the flower I decided to trace it lightly on the inside of the pillow with pencil. Then I just made sure as I sewed each bead on I was staying within my lines. 

I did three non-touching petals first because touching petals need to share some beads (you'll see!). As you can see below the petals aren't perfectly similar, but I actually like it better that way, I didn't draw them the same either and I think it looks more natural.

After doing three petals, I put petals in between starting at three beads up.

And the finished flower...

 My camera isn't great so all the pictures look like different colours, but the yellow is a beautiful canary. This pillow will sit on our bed and help add that pop of yellow we are looking for in our room.

I have another yellow project on the go too that I will share soon, and we still need to paint the room before I give you a sneak peak into it again!

What do you think?



  1. Brian ThompsonNovember 10, 2010

    So glad you are having fun decorating the condo
    love pa t

  2. Thanks! Definitely lots of fun =)When you see it next it will be a whole new place!

  3. This looks great Melanie! Would you like to sew my kitchen chair pads!!

  4. Thanks! I would love to! =) Did you have a plan in mind already? So fun!

  5. This is so pretty. I love having a project that I can work on a little here and there while watching tv. I could see myself making a really intricate design on a pillow with beads-it might take me until spring to finish though.

    Thanks for sharing this idea.

  6. Thanks for the note Karen! I'm so flattered you like it! An intricate design would be so gorgeous. If you decide to tackle it, I can't wait to see the finished product =).


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