Movember at the Thompsons'

So as many of you already know, Jetty has taken on the infamous “Movember” Adventure to raise awareness and money for men’s health. I’m sure many of you are wondering how I’m enjoying this lovely little month. I have to say that November was always a good month for me. Christmas shopping starts, Christmas decorations come out, and we ramp up for the most festive day of the year. This is all very exciting, but for many women the dread of the caterpillar on their man’s upper lip can put a damper on the month with things like a stubble burn on their own upper lip, the constant question of “Do you think my moustache is manly?” or “Why oh why does my upper lip still look like I’m 14?”. 

For me, I’m actually a fan of the Movember thing I think it adds to my festive month (nothing says winter like a lip sweater!). I can’t say that the moustache look is something that I hope Jetty carries on, but it’s a fun little thing to do for the month to raise some money for a good cause. I’m a big fan of getting involved and being a part of making a difference. Watching all the guys around me both at the office, and the one at home laugh about their funny facial hair that they never get to grow at any other time makes me smile. 

Jetty is fund raising on a team with his fellow law students. You can check out his page here:

Are you enjoying a Moustache Man this month? Or maybe you man always rocks the moustache? What do you think of Movember?



  1. I"m a great fan of November too, though my jury is still out on the Movember thing. It is fun to be able to see evidence of an involvement in a cause.We're only about half way through. We'll see how it all turns out by November (Movember) 30th.

  2. I agree! I love seeing so many faces involved in the same cause! And I will update on my feelings around the moustache when Movember 30 rolls around - by then I will probably be overjoyed to see a clean shaven face! Who knows!? =)

  3. you wait... he will look like a baby face once he shaves it off !!hahah

  4. So true! I'm a little nervous! hahaha


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