Winter Wreath (Festive Wreath #2)

So the fall wreath had to come down because we just had our first gorgeous snowfall.

Isn't it beautiful? Thankfully we just got our snow tires on yesterday (perfect timing!)

I fell in love with a few yarn wreaths I've seen in the blogosphere such as these beauties from Take Heart or this bright and gorgeous one from Aisle to Aloha and decided that they would be the inspiration for my winter wreath.

I chose white yarn because I think it's just such a perfect crisp winter colour that goes great with the snow!

I added a pretty polka dot ribbon that I had lying around to bring some sparkle.

I know it's white on white door (I wish we could paint the door), but I love it! I found the wreath at Michaels and got it for about $4 with my 40% off coupon. The yarn was $3 and I had the ribbon already. It was fun to make, but wrapping the wreath was lots of work, and big tangled balls of yarn are no fun, but the finished project makes me happy. 

What do you think?



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