Making a Condo a Home

So we are working to make the condo "home" by getting it all set-up in a way that works for us. Jetty and I don't have too much in the way of furniture, but we're working on that and trying to find things we like. We also finally got paint for our bedroom and the bathroom and I cannot wait to get painting! Of course, a huge part of the condo feeling like home is making memories here and spending time together. I am really loving the routine we have developed. Jetty drives me to work and picks me up everyday (a great 5 minutes we can spend together and just sit quietly, or chat about our day). One of my other favourites is the fact that Jetty does the grocery shopping every Tuesday. I'm not the biggest fan of grocery shopping and since we save 10% by Jetty doing the shopping, it only makes sense for him to do it. Yes, you heard correctly, 10% off! Superstore offers a 10% discount for students on Tuesdays- one of the only reasons I love being married to a student (Just Kidding- I love lots of things about it!). I'm more of the cooker cleaner here at home and, you know, the "sugar-mama" as Jetty adoringly calls me. I also have an obsession with trying to decorate the place and get it "finished" or at least round one of finished, because we all know I will always be adding and changing things.

We took a great step forward in making our place home yesterday. We put our first picture on the wall. It was painted by my Sittie (grandmother). She painted some great pieces and my cousins and I all got to pick out the one we wanted. I was blessed enough to get this gorgeous blue one:

Signed and dated, and my mom got it framed! It is up on the wall leading down the hallway.

I don't know why we didn't put this up sooner. It completely warms up the hallway and makes me smile as I pass it. We have lots of other pictures to put up still, including a gallery-type wall I'm in the process of building. SO excited about that!

What makes a house/condo a home for you?



  1. Hey Melanie. I'm with you - I like things that have sentimental value. A friend who is trained in Feng Shui said we are energetically connected to everything in our environment so we should only surround ourselves with things that make us feel good. Makes sense to me!

  2. Definitely makes sense! =) I love art with some kind of emotional connection! I can't wait to see where everyone puts their Sittie paintings!

  3. Brian and SharonNovember 24, 2010

    Love the pic


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