Christmas Baking

So I decided to start tackling some Christmas baking yesterday. I just wanted to have some Christmas-y treats on hand for visiting family and friends or in the unlikely case that anyone pops in here to visit. My mom always makes delicious Christmas treats and most years we have helped her whip them up, but this year we won't be home in time to get baking done. I didn't want to bake anything mom was already making so I decided to try out some new recipes of my own that would be freezer friendly to last the month. This is the tale of my first attempt...

I had picked out 3 recipes I wanted to try. Jetty picked up the groceries on Tuesday, and I got started last night.

Everything I need for baking! Bottle of wine optional ;) 

So the first thing I wanted to try was these Sugary Citrus Twists. I thought they look so pretty in the picture! *Spoiler: Mine didn't turn out like that.*

When I tried to roll the dough it just kept falling apart...

And falling apart...

It said on the recipe "If it falls apart just push it back together." HA I could barely roll it without it falling into a bunch of pieces, let alone twist it...let alone "push it back together".

I'm a determined person though, and when Jetty said, "Just make it into balls." I was like "No way! This is happening!"

I managed to make about a dozen that looked moderately like the picture. In the same way that a five year old painting the Mona Lisa would look like the original.

There you have them all cooked and finished. they actually do taste really good still.

The rest ended up looking like this:

Crumbly round cookies. that taste delicious but look disappointing. 

Let's hope that the next recipe turns out better!

Any tips on why my recipe might have failed? Do you think that maybe I mixed it too much? I'm not sure I will try it again, but just in case, or in case it will help for other recipes - let me know!



  1. Mel,

    Those cookies look delicious, and your blog is too cute!

    As soon as exams finish I'm excited to get into the holiday spirit with some baking. I just bought the materials for cupcake bites from Michaels ( and I'm hoping that they turn out. I've never done anything like this before so it will be interesting.

    If it works, I'm thinking I'll progress to cake pops ( The reindeer don't look too difficult, and would make excellent stocking stuffers / Christmas snacks.

    Have you ever made cake balls or cake pops?

    Hope all is well!
    - Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn!

    Wow I love all those cupcake pops! So cute and original! Good luck! I hope it goes much better than these cookies =)Let me know! (I tried a different recipe last night that went MUCH to come!)

    I made cheesecake pops for a friends bridal shower once- they were a challenge but a huge hit!

    I wonder if you used a round molding tray if you could make Christmas bulbs with the cupcake bites recipe? Festive and easier maybe!

    Thanks for the ideas! I just might try them - if I do I will let you know how they turn out!

    Let me know how it works for you.



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