With my first failed recipe, I feel that I have to show one that went well. These cookies are fabulous (Yes, we taste-tested them before we stored them away for Christmas). What do you think? They look like the picture right? =)



  1. those look really really yummy !!!

  2. Yay! Please share the recipe - then I can not only feel like I baked them with you... I can feel like I'm taste testing them with you too!! :o)

  3. Hi Marja! I got the recipe in the mail as part of the "Love of Baking" mail-out by Robin Hood Flour, but I found it online too at the only thing I did differently was use butter instead of Crisco (which I would recommend and should have done for the last recipe!) You can also download the whole booklet on the left hand side of that webpage. Let me know how it goes! Happy baking! =)

  4. They look great so did the first recipe.Try and bring some home so we can try them.Looking forward to more on your blog.Enjoying it very much.Love Aunt Denise

  5. I will definitely bring some home! Thanks Aunt Denise =) xo

  6. I have to say that I got to try these cookies and they were soooooooo good !! I am still thinking about them... this recipe is a keeper !!!


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