Organize Smorganize

 I'm so happy that you guys are loving our decor! It's so fun getting things together in our new place. There is a reason that I'm only showing you things in bits and pieces though. It's because in terms of having the whole condo organized- we are far from there. There is so much that still needs to be done- and with two busy schedules we just haven't been checking things off as quickly as I would like.

Plus, it's easy to put off when we know we won't be having visitors for a while. We haven't had too many people over, and when we have, I've managed to hide the mess pretty well. Except in our storage/guest room (sorry to our overnight guests!)

I started trying to go through things and organize them. I bought a few plastic bins and sorted all my gift wrapping tools, put the Christmas decorations away in boxes and sorted the few "Fall" and "Easter" and "Valentine's Day" decorations we have. (I've only really collected for fall and Christmas so far with my plans of getting everything on sale after the fact.) Here it is all stacked in the kitchen:

Which of course made its way to our storage room- which is still in need of lots of organizing!

I guess it's never really over- but I need to get some kind of organization soon or I'm going to go crazy! Any tips or tricks on how to get things organized? I still have boxes of stuff to go through! I think I will tackle some tonight and share the progress- that will inspire me to get something done!


  1. I have heard that January is a great month to get things organized and get rid of things we are no longer using and that are just taking up space. Have fun doing it ... it feels great to have it done so I wish you "Happy Organizing" !!

  2. Only a few days left of January! haha but got off to a good start tonight! Update is coming tomorrow =)

  3. You should fly out your ex-roommate, I hear she is great at organizing!
    ; )

  4. So true! That sounds like a great idea! Might be sliiightly out of budget though...

  5. Budget Smudget! (like how that goes with your title?!) haha

  6. hahaha it goes so perfectly! Maybe we can go splitzies?


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