Take a Seat!

I've been excitedly waiting to write this post. We finally found the perfect bar stools!

Have you heard of the website Homesav.com yet? If not you need to check it out. They basically offer a few deals-a-day on some fabulous home decor items- up to 75% off retail! The best part is that they are a Canadian based site!

Before I show you the bar stools, I thought I would let you know the adventure we had in trying to get these. We ordered them before Christmas so they would arrive shortly after we got home from our trip to Ontario. I was SO excited to get them. When they arrived one of the seats had a small tear in it. NOOooo! I'm not a patient person so I was incredibly disappointed that we couldn't use them right away.

I contacted customer support at Homesav and I couldn't have been happier with their help. They got back to me right away and let me know they were dealing with the manufacturer to find out how they could solve the issues. They emailed a day later to say that a replacement was on its way! Now that's customer service. Even though I had to wait a bit longer, I'm thrilled with the result and excited for another great find on Homesav.com .

What do you think?



  1. They are beautiful.Where is the company in Canada.I like Have a great day.Aunt Denise

  2. I love them! Do they have padding beneath them to protect your floor?

    I still haven't found the perfect bar stools for our bar. Must check out homesav when their site is up and running!

  3. Thanks ladies! The company is in Toronto. There is no padding for the floors, but I'm thinking about getting something to stick under them.

    Perfect time for this post eh? Right when they experience some technical difficulties! I'm sure they will be up and running soon though! =)

  4. They are very nice !!
    Good choice !!

  5. Apparently I didn't remember correctly! There is a nice cushion type thing on the bottom- BONUS! =)


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