Our Welcome Area

 So our welcome area in our condo is a tricky one. We've been trying to decide how it should look for a while. I think we still need a small storage ottoman in the entrance to sit on and put shoes on, as well as store our hats, mittens etc., but we haven't found the right one yet.

Our entrance used to have a big pile of recycling at the door because our storage room was full and we had no room for recycling there. We were actually just recycling in one of our old moving boxes and then never really got it out of the way.

When winter came and we were trudging in with wet shoes, this became a problem. We had no mat, and we couldn't put one right at the door because it pretty much touches the floor and a mat won't fit under it. Our floors were starting to take a beating though, so we needed something.

When I was at Wal-Mart this weekend I came across this great mat for $10! Perfect! It's machine washable, simple, nice and cheap- good combo for me!

Do you think the mat looks ok to the side of the door? Any other suggestions? The ottoman is supposed to go against the little wall in the way on the very left of the picture above, thoughts on that? I will take more pictures!


  1. my thoughts----
    I think it looks kind of like the mat is in your kitchen...I think it should go where you are talking about putting and ottoman and when you put your shoes on you can always pull a chair up from your table... as for the hats and mittens.. you could maybe put a basket in your closet for them?? So there are my thoughts !

  2. I know...it IS in our kitchen...I don't really like that. But it would have to be a reaaally tiny mat to fit where the ottoman was going to go... and Jetty has big feet, so shoes might not fit there. I will have to re-evaluate when I go home tonight! Thanks for the feedback! =)


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