Our 5 Course Meal

This past weekend I decided I wanted to have fun making a 5 course meal. Jetty had lots of work and reading to do, and well, I didn't so I wanted to get things DONE. I went shopping all day for the condo  (more to come later this week about what I found!) and for groceries, and then I came home and started cooking.

Here I am excited to get started wearing the beautiful apron my friend Sarah made!


Course #1: Appetizers

 Nothing too fancy, but super delicious! The far left is cheese balls with olives in the middle. The recipe made a LOT of cheese balls, so I eyeballed a 1/3-ing of the recipe. It didn't quite work perfectly, but tasted delicious!

Next came the soup!
French onion to be exact. I got this great recipe from a friend of mine!

Then the main course, which was none other than our personal favourite: Chicken Diane! (Yes we make this often!) It's Jetty's favourite and this was his Birthday dinner since we will be busy next weekend, so he got to choose!

You have to beat the chicken for this recipe...Jetty thought I looked ridiculous doing it, so he snapped a picture (or 2- you only get to see one).

(I was starting to get full at this point, so my tiny portion is off to the right, but Jetty's looked better!

Then we took a break and did some reading before we made room for the next course.
Which was spinach salad...

With homemade dressing (not pictured).

Then we started a movie- studying time was over. And during the movie, Jetty got hungry somehow! So we took some of the leftover french bread (from the soup) and balsamic vinaigrette and oil...
...and voila! Tasty snack!

And then finally much, much later...we had dessert (leftover Christmas baking.)


So it actually turned out to be 6 courses, but none of them were very big. Now we have lots of leftovers, so next time maybe we will be lucky enough to have some visitors join!?


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  1. That all looked soooo good !!
    What a nice evening for you both!

    Visitors will be banging your door down if you keep posting things like this !!!

  2. It really was pretty delicious.
    Yea! I love visitors! =)

  3. Everything looked so good.I will be one of those visitors.You look so good with the apron A very nice one. Have a good day.Aunt Denise

  4. Wow, you go! That's awesome! It all looks so good too!

  5. oh my! those desserts look soo good!!


  6. Thanks! Lots of family recipes all on one plate! Super easy to make too! =)

  7. me pick me! i wanna come visit !!!! lol

  8. Ah Melanie, using some of Dad's old recipes, the chicken beating thing.......Looks fabulous and very delicious. Sign me up for a visit!

  9. Thanks! It was definitely both of those things =) I'll sign you up for a visit when I know who you are ("anonymous")! lol :-P Thanks for all of the comments!


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