$100 Challenge Success

 We did it! Remember when I told you about the $100 Challenge here?

Well shortly after Christmas we found the perfect person to give our $100 to! Let me tell you, it was SO fun!

We went out for some drinks and to watch the hockey game. We were just about the only ones in our section, and then the last ones at the restaurant before it closed. Our waitress was SO nice, she didn't mind at all and kept telling us to take our time even though we knew she would be able to get ready to head home as soon as we left. (We stayed because it was the Canada Jr. game...where they lost). We overheard the waitress talking to her colleagues about how she was staying late because she was trying to make more money to recover after Christmas and we looked at each other and were like "This is it."

We finished up as the restaurant was closing and went to pay our bill Jetty tried to kind of hide from her as he did it so we could scurry out. We almost made it to the door when we heard "Holy #%&*, that's a LOT," we turned and smiled and gave her a thumbs up so she knew it wasn't a mistake and she yelled "Thank You!"

I giggled all the way to the car. Jetty was laughing too. We will definitely do it again, at least annually.

It made me about as happy as I look in this picture! hahaha
(Photo Credit= Dubyks)

Anyway, just wanted to make sure I updated you all! Did any of you take on the challenge? Any similar stories of giving?

More condo updates tomorrow!


  1. As an ex-waitress I full appreciate this!
    You two are so sweet!

  2. Also- just a note that we tipped her what we normally would and then gave $100 on top of that. Just so you know we weren't cheating! ;)

  3. You knew when to give and I am sure that she will never forget you ! Some things are just good for the soul !!

  4. Thanks! =) Very good for the soul...hope it doesn't make it selfish! hahaha

  5. I do not believe that giving and thus getting the great feeling from that giving could ever be selfish... it is all about your primary intention and that was to give.It is a JOYful bonus that you also received !!

  6. Thank you- I agree! It is definitely JoYful!

  7. I wish I had the money to do this! Sounds like it was very rewarding! Once I have enough money I am for sure going to do this!

  8. Awesome Erica! Glad I inspired you!


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