Our Gallery Wall

Alright everyone, this is one of the projects I'm most proud of here at Smiley Melly! I have been loving gallery walls for quite a while now but was never really sure what mine should look like. Then I was perusing Etsy when I came across vintage prints on dictionary pages. You can see some great examples here and I thought, "I could do that!" (With some help!)

So I enlisted the help of Mom and her fabulous photography and photoshop skills to create some great "kitchen-esque" prints.

Aren't they fabulous? They are of actual items from our house! Next thing was to find a book to print on, so I headed to Value Village...

Where I found this perfectly old book:

For the great price of $2.09!

Then I needed a way to print the images on this book's old pages. So I carefully ripped them out and taped them to some 8.5X11 card stock I had lying around. I taped them as close to the middle as possible and then opened the image I wanted to print in word and centered it on the page and printed!

I decided to print on a Christian book because I figured if I'm going to have words in the wall they might as well be positive and inspiring ones right?

I then gathered the nine frames I had purchased from Wal-Mart. This was the expensive part of the project. Each frame was $10. I think my grand total for the nine frames was $112.

The only other supplies needed were hooks to put the pictures up- they were less than $2. Making the total of this project about $117- not too bad!

I will let the pictures do the talking for a bit now...

The real brains behind this operation- could not have done it without the hubs. He was a measuring math whiz! Each hook was in a slightly different place on the back of each frame so it wasn't just a matter of putting up hooks in a nice even grid. That's what we get for buying cheaper frames!

Also since some hooks were off center, this was how they all looked when we first got them up on the wall. So then entered these handy Velcro 3M tabs:

Which I cut in half and attached to the bottom edge of a few of the frames to hold them straight on the wall leaving the finished product below!

I also got my lovely wire flower up in the entrance!

What do you think? Do you like our gallery wall? I'm LOVING it! Pictures on the wall really do warm up the place.


  1. It looks great Mel. I've been thinking of doing something similar on my wall for a wall with a bunch of small frames together. Guess I just need to get my act together and do it!

  2. That is amazing Melanie! Are you sure you're in PR and not Decorating? I can see those selling at craft shows. Bravo! It looks beautiful!

  3. Great Work Melanie I always said you should think of doing decoration for a side line.I sure there is potential.I will be your first customer

  4. Thanks Gwen, Lori and Denise! =) It was really fun to do, but I'm only saying that because it's done. It was kind of frustrating getting the hooks in the right places! (There miiiight be a lot more than 9 holes hidden on those walls now... had to make a few adjustments!)
    I'm no decorator! PR all the way haha ;)

  5. I just love it !!!! and I think that the wire flower is in a great spot too !! The place is really coming together !!! All the little touches do make a difference... even the table looks classy !! I know I used allot of !!!!! but that is what I do when I want to express something with excitement haha !!

  6. Thank you! So happy you "like!!!!" it! It really is making a difference in our place. As soon as the couch gets all wrapped up I will be able to to a great post about the living room too! So much fun! I'm glad you like the table setting too, we never sit across from each other like that, or set the table like that for real- it's all for show! haha =)

  7. Kathy GarlandFebruary 01, 2011

    You are SO creative! I love it!

  8. I love it, I love it, I love it! Such an amazing idea, I love that you used a Church book ! I want to make a picture wall too! I wonder what I should use for pictures!? ... Maybe I should wait till I have an actual house haha! Love it sissy!

  9. Thanks Erica and Kathy! Your place inspires me! You guys are both so creative! I have to try to keep up with the pretty student housing! =)

  10. Mel this looks amazing, I absolutely love it, I can't wait to come visit, but like I said I refuse until I see the post about the complete couch (hint hint)!

    I have one question though....were the picture frame hooks off by a bit or did you just have some trouble, because I seem to remember you having difficulty hanging the M in our apartment....3...4...tries was it?

    You are improving though, this is so wonderful!

  11. Thanks Alli! The couch is getting there! It will be a grand post! So excited! Also- yes YES the M was a bit of a challenge...may have been 4 tries, but these really were off, although we should have been able to figure it out without all the holes...oops!

    Thanks to you too Joe! =)

  12. I LOVE THIS! So I featured it at this week's party :) The prints are gorgeous and I love how you arranged them. Great tip to use the velcro tabs!


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