Fresh Flowers and Attaching the Couch Arms

So as to avoid disappointment, this is not a completed couch post!
I'm working through the best way to attach these arms to the couch and I think I figured it out.

First my fresh flowers! I got some wonderful birthday flowers from the hubs and two of my besties. I decided to spread the flowers out a little bit as the week went on to share with the rest of the house! (They were all in the kitchen). Here are the flowers and some of the areas I used them!

I love what fresh flowers do to a home. I wish I could always have them around. I just need to figure out how to keep them alive!

Ok, now the couch. I needed a hole where the little arm attaches to recline the couch's two end pieces. I will let the pictures explain!

Poor colour, but I wanted you to see the stitching (must buy a new camera!)

That black thing and the hole will be hidden with the little recliner arm.

Now I think when I get it all stapled down it should look clean and crisp and tight to the couch. Wish me luck with my staple gun tonight!



  1. First... good luck with the final touches of the couch !! It has been a long, labor intensive project !!!

    And I like how you spread your flowers around.... I do that too !!

    And the tray looks great with the glasses on it... I knew you would make good use of it !!!

  2. Thanks! Sorry I just got to your message now! I must have got the flower spreading thing from you! ;) So happy that I was gifted that tray. =)


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