Now that THAT'S over with!

Now that I've finished the project of the year...

I have a few things to tackle including these:

And make a new wreath to replace this one using some of this...:

...and an old picture frame... you'll see!

And this week I also plan to paint our bedroom gray!

Updates to come! =)



  1. ooh were going to paint our bedroom grey too!! exciting! cant wait to see the colour you choose!! ideas??

  2. Fun!!! I will post pictures of the colour soon. I don't remember the name. We bought it a while ago but haven't got around to painting yet! I forgot you have a house now! I can't wait to see pics of it too! =)

  3. yeah we get the house April 1st and hope to paint the bedroom before we get married. Ill be moving in and setting up in one of the spare rooms so that our bedroom can be our bedroom first and not my bedroom. So that gives us time to paint at least it! I picked up a ton of grey paint chips many choices!


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