You did what? - "I reupholstered the couch."

That's right, you've been hearing about it for, I'm sure, what seems like forever, but the unending project has finally come to an end! I decided to reupholster a great couch we were gifted that just wasn't quite the colour or pattern we were looking to incorporate into our living room.

Here's a quick peek at what it used to look like.

Erica came to visit over the weekend and it was a weekend jam packed with lots of fun including her helping me wrap up this huge project. So without further adieu since I've been making you wait long enough. Here are the last moments of the project and the final product!

Don't worry the spot isn't permanent- laundry detergent and some scrubbing took it right out.

Ok, so it is by no means perfect, but I think it turned out alright, (especially considering I only spent about $80 on materials).

What do you think?

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  1. Wow. I am impressed! I know who to call if I ever am thinking of doing that. It looks great to me!

  2. Thanks Bryan! =) If you asked right now, I might run screaming, but I should be over that soon. hahaha ;)

  3. one word --- ALLELUIA !!!!
    Now you can get to other fun-er projects !!

    Looks great !!!

  4. Exactly! Nightstands, here I come! =)

  5. Great Great job.Know you cant get on to something else.

  6. I have a couple comments to make:
    1) Love the finished product. Looks fantastic and I love the fold down middle cup holder.
    2) It only ever seems like you're working on these things... Does Jetty just take pictures??? lol
    and 3) Get rid of that retro 80's hairband... Unless you're going to be in an old school exercise video! :P
    Love it!

  7. I don't believe it....I can finally come visit now that it's done! CONGRATS!
    As a response to Dave's comments....
    1) I agree.
    2) Jetty probably tests out the couch, makes sure it's comfy...usual Jetty stuff.
    3) Keep the hair band its stellar, and Dave maybe you should get one too!

    Can't wait t test out the couch and the rug...I don't know which I am most excited for!

  8. Thanks Aunt Denise!

    Dave- 1) Thank you! =)
    2) Jetty is usually the brawn- he lifted the couch and took pieces apart. Other than that he studies for school lol.
    3) No way man! I love the pink hairband! =)

  9. this is awesome, you did a great job. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $50 giftcard to PTAK apparel if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  10. Hahaha Alli- I just posted my last comment at the same time you did, so I need to respond again!

    YES come visit ASAP!

    I am with you on all things 1 through 3.

    The rug and couch are both very comfy- yes Jetty would know ;)

  11. Im about to reupholster an office chair... I have the back rest done but next comes the seat. Looks like the best way might be a staple gun? Did you pull the fabric super taught as you stapled? or did you allow for a little slack so it doesn't pull on the fabric too much when ppl sit down?

    1. Hey Lauren! That's awesome! I want to see it when it's done! I definitely pulled it as tight as I possibly could because no matter what I find fabric stretches. I actually even re-tightened it not too long ago. I would definitely pull it as tightly as you possible can. :)


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