Our Weekend

Last weekend we went to law ball.

This weekend?

We have other plans.

They include things like:

1. Watching cars drive by...it's fun when it's really snowy out because sometimes they get stuck.

2. Some quality time resting and hanging out...This picture kind of reminds me of another picture...

(Night of our Engagement)
1. Cleaning: I told Jetty it was his turn to do the dishes and documented the process:

"I don't want to do the dishes..."

"I want to have a drink instead!"

"Fine I'll do the dishes, but if I'm going to do them..."

"...I'm doing them right."
(Sorry for the poor photo quality I couldn't stop laughing.)

 I don't ask questions, I'm just glad he is doing the dishes.

4. We will also be getting the bedroom all painted up. 

So needless to say, not as glamorous as last weekend, but still just as fun! ;)

Have a great weekend!


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