Snowy in Moncton

This past weekend we went to Moncton for my pre-birthday celebration with the NB side of the family.

Quarter century here I come!

It looks like Jetty is waving and I'm giving the peace sign, but really we are showing that it's my 25th birthday celebration!
While we were there it snowed....a LOT. So I decided I would do my part to help prevent the deck from collapsing by going to shovel it off. I couldn't go right out the back door to the deck because the snow was too high so I had to trek around from the front of the house. To ensure I could brave the elements, Mom bundled me up with the warmest stuff we could find in the house...

Check me out in the parka!

Mom and Jetty laughed from inside while I slowly made my way through the hip-high snow. (Jetty had tonnes of classwork to do so he couldn't come out to help.)

 Trying to get up the stairs was a challenge. At one point I tried to shovel a bit away to get a good step, but ended up dumping it at myself and falling over backwards.

But I made it!

Don't be fooled here- this is after I started. The snow in the middle of the deck was about 3-4 feet high!
And after some power shoveling I cleared off the deck! (Erica I took down the snow for you! Melanie - 1, Snow- 0...Erica had some snow issues the other day and the snow won!)

My victory smile was short lived because I actually felt more like...

I headed back around the house the way I came. I wasn't about to just walk in the back door. I wanted to show the snow who's boss.

I'm feeling the burn this morning...who needs a gym membership in the winter when you live in Canada Eh?


  1. Melanie, it looks like you're kneeling in the snow in that third photo, but I know you're not.

    No gym membership required around here! Exercise the way nature intended it!

  2. Hahaha exactly- definitely not kneeling! 'Natural' exercise is the best! =)

  3. WOAH!
    1) I didn't realize how much snow you guys had there! We barely have any here!!
    2) Could not be more thrilled that you kick the snows bum for me! Its about time someone showed it who's boss!
    3) Your adorable in Dad's parka.. reminds me of seeing him going sledding hahaha !

  4. hahahaha I just pictured him sledding! So funny! Thanks for your lovely comment Erica! I am so happy I was able to kick butt for you! (And yes.... LOTS of snow!)

  5. The deck thanks you and your parents thank you !
    Jetty and I had a few good laughs watching you come up the stairs and of course I captured the moment with pictures so you would have proof that you worked hard and as you say "kicked that snow's butt" !!!

  6. You are most welcome! It was actually kind of fun!
    Thank you for capturing the moment!


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