The Great Rug Hunt!

We have been hunting for the perfect rug since we moved in. Since we don't really have any colours in our living room yet, the options were endless- which made it incredibly difficult to find one.

At first I wanted something with purples and reds. This was my first love from Crate and Barrel:

But the price was high and I wasn't sure about all the colours.

Then I wanted to find a pretty trellis rug with a pattern similar to this- not sure which colour, but I couldn't find one anywhere! (Image via A Well Dressed Home)

Then there was a flurry of options we tinkered with including (the following were taken on my phone- sorry for the quality):


Home Depot

Richie's Carpet Warehouse


Then we were sure we wanted this one to bring some bright colour in the room (From Home Depot):

Well, we got none of those- some were too expensive, some unavailable, and some just weren't right. We bought something completely different and it's sitting in our living room right now! I'm making you wait to see it though, because I have finished sewing one arm of the couch- one more to go and it's DONE!

So I will show pictures of our more finished living room soon!

Anyone else have rug issues? How do you find the perfect one?

I'm going to try to post tomorrow or the next day so I can get your opinions within our time line so we can return the rug if it's not working!


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