Big Day

Here are 3 reasons today is a big day!

1. This is my 160th Blog Post!

2. Check this out!:

(Yes, the arms of the couch are done- finished pictures tomorrow I hope! You can track this couch adventure here: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

 3. I'm officially a quarter of a century old! So I am sharing a picture of little Melly:



  1. Such a big day for you, your blog & your couch!
    Happy Birthday Melly!

  2. I have to say having your 160th blog post is great and it being your birthday is great too but I am most impressed with the arm of that couch -- now that is WOW !!

  3. The couch very nice.Hope you have a great day.The couch arms where worth waiting for.GREAT

  4. Thanks! I hope you are all excited to see the finished product!

  5. Happy Birthday Melanie!
    Wow - 160 blog posts or THAT COUCH! I'm not sure which one is more impressive!
    If PR doesn't work out for you (as if) you'll never be without options!

  6. Thank you! It's been a fun but long process with the couch! Hopefully I won't have to do it for a living tee hee! =)I'm so happy you like it though!

  7. WOOOO!
    So proud of you for :

    1) the 160's blog post, if only I could get to that many, I really need to start sitting down and writing more!
    2) GAH! that couch I am in love! I cant even wait to see it! looks AMAZING!

    LOVE YOU !

  8. Thank you little sis! You could definitely kick my blogging butt ;) So excited for you to see the couch too! xo


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