Last night I came home to a spotless condo, beautiful flowers from my besties, weights that I wanted so I can get my exercise on, the Ikea dressers that arrived, and then was whisked away to dinner at Brewbakers. After that I had some wine, kicked the hubs' butt at cards and watched some funny TV.

Needless to say there is no couch update today.

I am so blessed... it's wonderful. Being 25 is awesome!

Just so I don't leave you with only this bland post about why yesterday was so great, let me get your opinion on this:

If all those frames were black, and some of the pictures were changed, do you think that's still too busy for the wall above the couch? Are 2 gallery walls in one large open space too many? Our eating area and living room are open to each other. These pics would go on the wall opposite our pretty mirror.

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Nice pictures the Lion does not seem to fit there all the others if you have space.NICE

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I think I still need to play around with it.

  3. In the info from Framequest they talked about OPEN SPACES and said
    "Open floor plans have less walls. What walls you do have must create maximum impact. I suggest choosing large, dramatic art to create focal points in your home"

    I agree with them... I think that one wall gallery is great ... but too much of a good thing does not always work... just my thought tho...

  4. Jetty thinks so too! We really need to keep our eyes open for a nice pig piece above the couch.

    Thanks so much for the idea and the quote from Framequest! =)

  5. tee hee... you want a PIG piece !!!???

  6. hahaha oopsies! Pig might not be a good look...

  7. I agree with Mama Julie! A big piece would be nice, lots of little pictures reminds me of my grandparents ( no offence to them!).

    Did I tell you about the pieces Jay and I like...the ones that are one picture, but its split into 3 pieces?! We are going to go with something like that for our place, just seems like it would take up the right amount of room!

    Like this...

    or this...


  8. Ooo I love that idea! with the three...maybe I can paint them? What do you think? Now I need homes for the pictures I was going to use for that wall! Fun fun!


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