Lovely Living Room

Alright it's not quite done, actually it's definitely not even close to done, but I wanted to share some real pictures of the living room with you. As you might remember just about all you've seen is this:

 Which is both sides of the living room, but not a clear picture of what it looks like because the rest was a bit too scary.

 It's still a bit scary- but much prettier. The couch is actually pulled a few feet from the wall so the space is even wider. The plan is for the ottoman to sit at the center of the rug but I wanted you to get a good look at it. Here is is so far:

 Some things to note:

1. We still need to deal with our end tables.
2. The tiger bench is actually the matching coffee table to the end tables that I covered with my tiger blanket to make a little bench for extra seating. I'm planning on turning it into a real bench eventually.

3. The NEW RUG is beautiful isn't it? The size is 8X10 and is so soft and comfy! I wasn't sure if the colour would be restrictive when I saw it at HomeSense, so I went and pulled some bright pillows to see how they looked against it. Mom and Dad are awesome for holding them up for me! I especially love the mustard against it.

 People were staring. 

The bonus of it all? We got to use the last of our wedding gift cards for HomeSense to help pay for this baby.

 So many more updates to come, but what do you think so far?



  1. Natasha GosselinFebruary 11, 2011

    Wow! It looks awesome!! Really great Mel! :)
    Side note: Uncle Eric looks just thrilllled to be holding the mustard pillow up to the carpet in the store.... lol

  2. Thanks! Ya at the time I took that picture I had just said "People are watching aren't they?" That's him saying "Yes, take the picture." under his breath.

  3. It looks great Melanie! What a lovely living room!

  4. Thank you! Feel free to share any sprucing-up tips! Lots left to be done. =)

  5. The rug looks great in your room !!
    Good choice!
    I love the extra seating with your blanket... you are very creative !

    One step at a time and enJOY the journey !!

  6. Thanks Mom! =) I'm glad you like the rug in our space! It can look so different going from hanging in a store to on a living room floor.

  7. Great looking rug.The colours go with everything.Funny looking at my younger brother with the mustered pillow.Ha Ha.

  8. Thanks Aunt Denise! He is a funny one isn't he? Such a trooper that day though! My dad's the best!


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