So I shared a bit about my art the other day here, but I thought today I would also share with you the first piece of art I ever made for Jetty.

Lighthouses have a special place for Jetty and I. We had our first kiss underneath one and he also proposed on the beach not to far from one. You have probably seen glimpses of the lighthouse that was poking around at our wedding.

Which is now sitting on my nightstand.

This all ties into one of my favourite moments with Jetty which was our first kiss. So sweet and innocent in the summer before grade 12.

A long time after, when I was away at school, I wrote him a letter about how much I cherished our friendship and included this picture I had drawn: The two of us standing in front of the lighthouse staring at the moon wondering if we would kiss. 

I'm not much of an artist, but it was fun to reminisce through crayons, so I made a few more!

Our first date which was mini putting with two of our dearest friends.

And after we re-united, a picture of his first visit to Moncton.

(It's me giving him a hug at the airport.)

I still need to draw our wedding one! That will be a lot of work! I'll have to pull out that crayon box soon.

Do you create any art for loved ones? 



  1. I'm not so much of an artist, my penmen-ship on the other hand is impecable therefore I am more of a love note/post-it type person.

  2. Ooo that sounds lovely! Nice penmanship is something I do not have! :S


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