My Sisters

I love them like crazy.

I got to spend this past weekend with them and it was SO much fun!

These ladies rock my world!I am so blessed to have such wonderful sisters.
And since I haven't posted about any of my condo escapades lately, I wanted to share the super awesome housewarming gifts they gave me. I LOVE them!

Don't they have the best taste?



  1. Must be in the genes! Good job Mr. and Mrs.!!!

  2. You girls rock! Great housewarming gift! Is that coral? Cool!

  3. we are pretty proud of our daughters and so glad that they are such good friends !! You can't beat sisters though... I know !!!

  4. I loved my weekend with you two! We need to do that more! I miss you guys so much already! Lets plan another weekend asap!
    I love you!

  5. Thanks for all the comments! (Dave I believe Mom saw that and did not comment, but I will pass the compliment along).

    I believe it's fake coral actually- but you would never know to look at it. =)

    Thanks Mom- thanks for birthing us ;)

    Erica- We will! Soooon! Maybe you can both come here sometime?

  6. Awww, looks like you had so much fun! I want to be there next time!

  7. Natasha GosselinMarch 17, 2011

    Such beautiful siblings! I miss you girls!!! xo

  8. Alli YES please come and visit ASAP!

    Tasha- we miss you too! Can't wait until you're home next!



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