Happy St. Patrick's Day

I've been a little bit slow with blogging lately because so much has been going on. For one, Jetty is no longer a law student (more to come on that later though) and I have been so busy with work and organizing...

Look what I bought to help get the condo in order!:

I bought those and ended up putting up something that required neither (forgot to buy batteries for the stud finder...). It is a gorgeous print that Jessica brought back from China and gave to us for Christmas.

It's hanging in our future reading corner!

I think I need to paint those brackets to hold up the curtains grey...hmm

What do you think? Gorgeous painting right?

Also we had a small St. Patrick's celebration last night. Here are our attempts at trying to get one good picture of us with our green beer.

Never take pictures down your nose Melanie! Ahh!

 Where's Jetty's cute face?

Eek the crazy eyes Melanie!

Maybe if I take myself out of it...

We weren't feeling very photogenic so I decided to do a few with my phone because that way we could see ourselves posing and adjust... they turned out a bit better....


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