The Little Things

I've been trying to enjoy the little things in life more lately. The other day I was out running errands and I suddenly remembered those first few times I was driving by myself. It was an awesome feeling. I would love to run out on the simplest of errands because it would mean I could take the car. I remember thinking I couldn't wait to have my own car. Now that I do (well I guess I share with Jetty) I don't think I'm as excited about it. So I tried to take myself back to that feeling of those first few times out. Thinking about the freedom that comes with driving and having my own vehicle and all of a sudden I felt that thrill again.

I'm trying to remember all those things that made me excited when I was young that I sometimes take for granted now. Having my own place, a great job, the ability to go to the grocery store and get something from the checkout aisle (Chocolate bar! Gum!). Remember how exciting buying gum was when you were young? When's the last time I got excited about that?

Being pushed on the swings, having your favourite meal, running, playing with friends...

What would your 5 year old self think about the things you value in life right now? Can you remember what your 5, 10, 18 year old self found exciting? Are you enjoying those things?

I'm trying to- and it makes everything more fun!


  1. As Anthony deMello says, Awareness awareness awareness. This sounds like an interesting perspective to take on your life - looking at it through the eyes of yourself as a child! How empowering! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Life is so full of wonder and if we can see it through our 'little' self it is great ... or though the eyes of a senior? - once we were driving with Sr. Geraldine (she would have been about 85 years old at the time) and she was commenting over and over again about the beauty of the trees... she was noticing the many shades of green and I, to that day, had never really thought about it or certainly never enJOYed it !! I do now !!

    Thanks for reminding me to find my JOY !!

  3. I love this post! It's a great lens to view life from and it's an important reminder for all of us. My Mom always says "What did you want to be when you were five?" really just as a reminder to do things you LOVE.

  4. I just wrote about perspective, taking time to recognize differences in each others lives. It's not just little things, but as said appreciating whatever we have, taking our fun where we can get it, in big or even just the little things. In all things it's about the proverbial, ever illusive and possibly mythical 'balance.' FWIW.

  5. Thank you for all your great comments and thoughts! =) They bring me JoY!


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